• Laser Texture Scanner Model 9500

    LTS 9500


    • Calculates Mean Profile (MPD), Texture Profile Index (TPI), Estimated Texture Depth (ETD), RMS, Ra, Rq, Skewness, Kurtosis and VAR. Scanner immediately displays the results on a sunlight readable LCD display
    • Scan Area: 4″ x 4″
    • Length Resolution: 4”/2048: 0.00195” = .0496 mm
    • Width Resolution: 4”/2448: 0.00163” = .0415 mm
    • Vertical Resolution: 0.01 mm
    • Scan Time for full scan: 90 seconds.
    • Collects both elevation height data and scan intensity image.
    • Data stored in binary .LTS file for downloading to PC for interpretation using Ames windows-based 3D viewing software
    • Exportable CSV files are available for import into other applications
    • Built in GPS Receiver
    • Index units: Metric or Imperial
    • Windows software application has the ability to crop the original scans into smaller areas of interest
    • Product Dimensions 305 mm x 151 mm x 290 mm(L x W x H)
    • Weight: 4.2kg
    • Data Storage: 2GB internal Flash, Downloadable to a PC through an Ethernet interface.
    • Backlit LCD for easy night-time viewing
    • Scanner comes with included rugged Windows 2-in-1 laptop for easy remote data collection.
    • External USB port is available for USB memory sticks that can be used to easily transfer data to a desktop computer for further data analysis.
    • A Windows desktop computer can also be used to directly control the scanner for use in a lab setting.
    • Windows software application has the ability to crop the 4” x 4” scans into smaller areas of interest.
    • Includes sun shroud to block out ambient light when performing scans outside.
    • The sun shroud also has a cutout window with measurement rulers which are useful in locating the actual area that will be scanned.

    About the Ames 9500 Laser Texture Scanner

    The handheld model 9500 Laser Texture Scanner is capable of measuring macro texture accurately and efficiently. With the simple push of a button the unit automatically begins the scanning process, providing the operator with immediate and accurate texture measurements.

    LTS 9500 Front

    Calculations Overview

    • Mean Profile Depth (MPD)
    • Texture Profile Index (TPI)
    • Estimated Texture Depth (ETD)
    • Power Spectral Density (PSD)
    • Root Mean Square (RMS)
    • Band Pass Selectable Elevation & Slope Variance

    The 9500 laser texture scanner is the quickest & most accurate method for texture measurements available today.  It utilizes a 4″ line and travels 4″ to collect a square sample.  The data is immediately available for viewing and analyzing.

    Common Applications:

    • Sand Patch Test Alternative
    • Bridge Decks
    • Paving Stones
    • Aircraft Carrier Decks
    • Fault Measurement
    • Polished Concrete Surfaces
    • Racetracks & Tire Wear

    3D Analysis Suite

    • A comprehensive Windows based 3D analysis suite is provided for in-depth viewing and analyzing of scan data
    • Point-to-point measurement, surface model, point model, and black & white