• Rapid Laser Texture Scanner 9500

    Rapid Laser Texture Scanner 9500

    The portable Model 9500 Laser Texture Scanner is a rapid macrotexture scanner which replaces the Sand Patch Test (ETD) and Circular Texture Meter (MPD). This scanner completes a full scan of the 4″ x 4″ area in about 90 seconds, giving quick results on the host computer.

    Common Applications:

    • Sand Patch Test Alternative
    • Bridge Decks
    • Paving Stones
    • Aircraft Carrier Decks
    • Fault Measurement
    • Polished Concrete Surfaces
    • Racetracks & Tire Wear

    Calculations Overview

    • Mean Profile Depth (MPD)
    • Texture Profile Index (TPI)
    • Estimated Texture Depth (ETD)
    • Power Spectral Density (PSD)
    • Root Mean Square (RMS)
    • Band Pass Selectable Elevation & Slope Variance
    LTS 9500

    3D Analysis Suite

    • A comprehensive Windows based 3D analysis suite is provided for in-depth viewing and analyzing of scan data
    • Point-to-point measurement, surface model, point model, and black & white


    • Calculates Mean Profile (MPD), Texture Profile Index (TPI), Estimated Texture Depth (ETD), RMS, Ra, Rq, Skewness, Kurtosis and VAR. Scanner immediately displays the results on a sunlight readable LCD display
    • Scan Area: 4″ x 4″
    • Laser type: 4″ Line Laser
    • Length Resolution: 4”/2048: 0.00195” = .0496 mm
    • Width Resolution: 4”/2448: 0.00163” = .0415 mm
    • Vertical Resolution: 0.01 mm
    • Scan Time for full scan: 90 seconds.
    • Collects both elevation height data and scan intensity image.
    • Data stored in binary .LTS file for downloading to PC for interpretation using Ames windows-based 3D viewing software
    • Exportable CSV files are available for import into other applications
    • Built in GPS Receiver
    • Index units: Metric or Imperial
    • Windows software application has the ability to crop the original scans into smaller areas of interest
    • Product Dimensions 305 mm x 151 mm x 290 mm(L x W x H)
    • Weight: 4.2kg
    • Data Storage: 2GB internal Flash, Downloadable to a PC through an Ethernet interface.
    • Backlit LCD for easy night-time viewing
    • Scanner comes with included rugged Windows 2-in-1 laptop for easy remote data collection.
    • External USB port is available for USB memory sticks that can be used to easily transfer data to a desktop computer for further data analysis.
    • A Windows desktop computer can also be used to directly control the scanner for use in a lab setting.
    • Windows software application has the ability to crop the 4” x 4” scans into smaller areas of interest.
    • Includes sun shroud to block out ambient light when performing scans outside.
    • The sun shroud also has a cutout window with measurement rulers which are useful in locating the actual area that will be scanned.