• Pro GPS-DMI Laptop

    Pro GPS-DMI Laptop

    The Pro GPS-DMI Laptop uses DGPS signals to measure linear distance along with input from the OBD II port from your vehicle for increased accuracy. The unit comes with Ames proprietary data collection and logging software. It features file logging capabilities that enable you to generate a .kml file of your traveled route, that can later be viewed in Google Earth. Accurate to within 0.15% of measured distance. The unit does not require calibration, is highly portable and can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle in minutes. There is no hard wiring to the vehicle required.

    • Accurate to within 0.15% of measured distance
    • Does not require distance calibration
    • Uses Garmin GPS receiver as distance measurement signal
    • Connects to OBD-II port on a compatible vehicle for increased accuracy
    • No vehicle wiring required
    • Can be used with any Windows based laptop
    • Includes Ames windows based software application
    • Generates .kml log file with gps coordinates
    • Optional Autostart/stop sensor for increased accuracy