JK 225

Jon Klatt – Sales Manager
As our sales leader, Jon is responsible for daily interaction with new and existing customers, equipment delivery, and total customer satisfaction.

A graduate of Des Moines Area Community College, Jon has been with Ames Engineering since its inception in 1996. With a deep knowledge of the industry, Jon actively listens to customers and trade groups to stay ahead of the technological curve and lead Ames Engineering into the future. Jon@amesengineering.com


Mark Leichty – Chief Engineer
Mark plays a pivotal role in the development, design, and support of our equipment, software and services.

Mark sees new possibilities in everything we do and leads innovation on a daily basis to deliver more effective and efficient outcomes for our customers in the field. Mark is a graduate of Iowa State University in Electrical Engineering and has been with Ames Engineering since its founding. Mark@amesengineering.com


Dustin Reid –¬†General Manager
As the Ames Engineering manager & production chief, Dustin is responsible for day to day operations, new equipment design, manufacturing, and quality control.

With over a decade of experience building products and responding the customer needs, Dustin is always available to customers, ready to support their challenges in the field. Dustin studied electrical engineering at Iowa State University and has recently taken a more active role in sales operations for the firm. Dustin@amesengineering.com


Ryan Emerson – Software Architect