• 8300 High Speed Inertial Road Profiler

    8300 High Speed Inertial Road Profiler

    The Model 8300 High Speed Inertial Profiler is designed as a portable inertial profiling system that can be used on multiple vehicles. It can be front or rear mounted and can easily install onto any vehicle using the vehicle’s standard 2″ receiver hitch. A rugged Panasonic Toughbook  laptop mounts inside the cab to control all of the profiler system functions. The Ames High Speed Profiler meets or exceeds the following requirements:

    • ASTM E950 Class 1 profiler specifications
    • AASHTO PP 51-02
    • Texas test method TEX 1001-S.


    Now available with a Profiler GPS-DMI, this revolutionary device replaces the need for a wheel mounted encoder while improving data collection efficiency and operator safety.

    The Model 8300 can be configured with several options, including an upgraded permanently-mounted frame, environmental temperature and humidity sensors, Macrotexture capabilities, photo logging capabilities, and up to three profile sensors! See our list of options below for more details.

    We developed this system with paving contractors, testing agencies, and State and Federal highway departments in mind in order to make their jobs more efficient.

    Need more information on High Speed Profilers in general? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


      • High Speed system can be on front or rear mount using the vehicles standard 2″ hitch receiver
      • Ruggedized laptop mounted in cab of vehicle with test personnel
      • Single or dual wheel track systems
      • Frame is adjustable to accomodate different vehicles
      • Capable of collecting measurements at speeds between 25 and 65 mph
      • Laser height sensor with a range of eight inches and a resolution of 0.002 inch
      • Horizontal distance measured with an optical encoder that has a resolution of 0.15 inches
      • Pavement elevation sampling: 16,000 samples per second
      • Pavement elevation sample storage: software selectable 1-16 samples/foot
      • Profile wavelength range: 0.5 to 6,400 feet
      • Accelerometer resolution: 0.0001g

    Available Profile Sensors

    LMI 5K Gocator

    Ames Single Point Sensor

    Computer Hardware

      • Panasonic Toughbook laptop with a 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM, upgradable with more RAM and up to 1 TB SSD.
      • Color SVGA anti-reflective, outdoor readable touch display screen
      • Ethernet connection from laptop to data acquisition computer
      • RS-485 serial network and ethernet in one cable between data acquisition computer and all modules
      • All electronic components housed in water resistant and dust tight enclosures
      • Field replacement of any component does not require re-calibration of the system
      • Capable of field installing a second sensor to profile both wheel tracks simultaneously

    Computer Software

      • Microsoft Windows operating system
      • Display profile in real time while data is being collected
      • Calculates Profile Index (PI), International Roughness Index (IRI), Half-car Roughness Index (HRI), Ride Quality
      • Index (RQI), and Ride Number (RN)
      • Plots true profile, California profilograph profile, and rolling straightedge profile
      • Equipped with variable high and low pass filter options
      • Contains automatic bump detection software
      • Capable of displaying “true” profile, rolling straightedge, and California type profilograph profile on screen
      • Identifies location of “out-of-specification” bumps and dips
      • Bumps can be located easily using system’s odometer mode
      • Equipped with the following export file options: PPF format, ERD format, Texas PRO format, comma separated variable (CSV) format and generated report tables format (HTML)

    Available Options

    Transverse Profiling System

    Our Transverse Profiling Collection Head

    Our Transverse Profiling System can be integrated with a Longitudinal Profiler to measure rutting and cross-slope as well as profile!

    Macrotexture Data Collection

    Collect Macrotexture and Profile Data at the same time, from the same sensor! Texture indices can be calculated later, including Mean Profile Depth (MPD), RMS, ETD, Ra, Rq, Rsk, Rku, VAR, and Length. MPD can be calculated according to ISO 13473-1:2019E or ISO 13473-1:1997. This option requires our Ames Single Point Sensors.

    Profiler GPS-DMI

    The Profiler GPS-DMI option uses our Pro GPS-DMI system in place of a traditional wheel-mounted encoder. This option removes the need to do distance calibrations! It also allows for using GPS data to define the start and stop locations of data collection rather than an autotrigger sensor. Read more about our Profiler GPS-DMI.

    GPS Tracer

    The GPS Tracer option displays your current location on a profile trace from a previously collected run. This option is useful for marking bumps and dips.

    Wheel Encoder

    We offer traditional wheel-mounted encoders if you are working in an area with poor-to-nonexistent GPS reception.

    AutoTrigger (Cone or Downward)

    We offer both downward facing and sideways facing autotrigger options for triggering start, stop, and event locations by tape or cone.

    Survey Pro Frame

    Our Survey Pro Frame is a permanently mounted alternative to our standard frame. This frame supports a third sensor mounted in the center wheeltrack.

    Ambient Temperature, Humidity Sensors

    Add ambient temperature and humidity sensors to your profiler!

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