• Ames Real-Time Profiler

    Ames Real-Time Profiler

    System Overview:

    Laser enabled smoothness measurement system monitors profile and calculates smoothness indices directly behind the paver.

    • Calculates and displays profile as concrete is placed
    • Laptop can be mounted anywhere on the machine
    • Instantly calculates and displays Profile Index (PI) and International Roughness Index (IRI)
    • Locates areas of localized roughness and must grind locations

    Quality Control – In-process profiling locates problem areas and informs fast and appropriate responses.

    Easy to Use – Mounts directly onto the back of your slipform paver.

    Instant Information – Rugged Panasonic Toughbook mounts to paver, creating a real-time scoreboard for monitoring smoothness values.

    Accountability Brings quality control awareness to everyone involved in the paving process.

    Developed For:

    Paving contractors


      • Collects measurements at speeds between 0 and 80 ft/min
      • Laser height sensor with a range of five in. and a resolution of .001 in.
      • Horizontal distance measured with an optical encoder
      • Pavement elevation sample storage: 3 inches
      • Profile wavelength range: 1.8 to 300 feet
      • Vertical distance sensor resolution: .002 inch
      • Data storage: 250,000 miles

    Computer Hardware:

      • Panasonic Toughbook laptop with a 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM
      • Color anti-reflective, outdoor readable tough screen display
      • Electronic components housed in water resistant and dust tight case
      • Field replacement of any components does not require re-calibration of the system
      • Up to four sensors can be installed at various locations behind the paver and additional sensors can be field installed

    Computer Software:

      • Displays profile and updates smoothness indices with real time data collection
      • Equipped with variable high and low pass filter options
      • Contains automatic bump detection feature
      • Capable of displaying “true profile,” rolling straightedge, and California-type profilograph profile on screen
      • Identifies location of “out-of-specification” bumps
      • All fields selectable output to ASCII file and selectable field delimiter