• Ames AccuTexture 100

    Ames AccuTexture 100

    This exclusive sensor has been developed as the new standard in accurate texture measurements. Gone are the days of variances due to speed and surface type. The AccuTexture 100 outperforms the Optocator on all surfaces in testing performed by Ames Engineering.

    Laser Overview

    • This 100 kHz sensor simultaneously collects profile and texture information at highway speeds
    • The most cost effective option for texture measurements
    • Can easily be retrofitted to existing Ames profilers

    Asphalt / Concrete

    AccuTexture 100 Specifications:

    • Sample Rate: 100 Khz
    • Elliptical laser spot
    • Size at near: 1 x 3 mm
    • Size at far: 0.8 x 1.5 mm
    • Triangulation at near point : 7 degrees
    • Triangulation at far point: 14 degrees
    • Maximum exposure time: 12µs

    AccuTexture Spinning Disk Test

    Optocator Spinning Disk Test