• 4200 Profilograph

    4200 Profilograph

    Tablet Computer Upgrades

    Tablet computer upgrades are available for existing Model 4200 Profilographs. This upgrade replaces your existing PCL-486 handheld computer with a Windows based tablet computer running our Ames Profilograph software. Similar to our Ames Profiler software which powers our inertial profilers, this includes powerful collection, analysis, and viewer tools.

    Profilograph System Overview

    The original patented Ames Profilograph designed to capture accurate and efficient “California Style” profile measurements.

    Developed for:

    • Paving contractors
    • Testing agencies
    • State and federal highway departments


      • Beam Length: 25 feet
      • Breakdown Length: 8.5 feet maximum
      • Breakdown Weight: 35 lbs maximum/piece
      • Setup time: 5 minutes
      • Battery Life: 8 hours with built-in battery, additional 8 hours with external pack
      • Units of Measure: English or Metric
      • Blanking band: User adjustable
      • Bump Height: User adjustable
      • Bump Width: User adjustable
      • Segment Length: User adjustable


      • Compact and lightweight
      • Battery operated – No generator, No gas, No noise!
      • On screen graphics display
      • Bump Detection Warning System (BDWS)
      • On screen display of Profile Index
      • Immediate results
      • Meets all ASTM E1274 standards (not just some of them)
      • Easily setup and operated by one person
      • Integral high speed thermal printer
      • Rugged IBM compatible computer
      • User friendly menu driven software
      • English or metric units
      • Selectable Butterworth filtering options
      • Automatic station marking
      • Shows “Must Grind” locations
      • Transfer data to office PC for additional analysis
      • Easily transported in a pickup or trailer
      • Reanalyze data files easily; with different parameters
      • Append additional data to existing files
      • Compressed print mode saves paper when desired
      • Towable with optional towing package
      • Data Acquisition Unit universally compatible with Lightweight & High Speed Profilers
      • The machine preferred by contractors and DOT’s