• Model 4200 Computerized Profilograph

    Model 4200 Computerized Profilograph

    System Overview:

    The original patented Ames Profilograph designed to capture accurate and efficient “California Style” profile measurements.

    Developed for:

    • Paving contractors
    • Testing agencies
    • State and federal highway departments


      • Beam Length: 25 feet
      • Breakdown Length: 8.5 feet maximum
      • Breakdown Weight: 35 lbs maximum/piece
      • Setup time: 5 minutes
      • Battery Life: 8 hours with built-in battery, additional 8 hours with external pack
      • Units of Measure: English or Metric
      • Blanking band: User adjustable
      • Bump Height: User adjustable
      • Bump Width: User adjustable
      • Segment Length: User adjustable


      • Compact and lightweight
      • Battery operated – No generator, No gas, No noise!
      • On screen graphics display
      • Bump Detection Warning System (BDWS)
      • On screen display of Profile Index
      • Immediate results
      • Meets all ASTM E1274 standards (not just some of them)
      • Easily setup and operated by one person
      • Integral high speed thermal printer
      • Rugged IBM compatible computer
      • User friendly menu driven software
      • English or metric units
      • Selectable Butterworth filtering options
      • Automatic station marking
      • Shows “Must Grind” locations
      • Transfer data to office PC for additional analysis
      • Easily transported in a pickup or trailer
      • Reanalyze data files easily; with different parameters
      • Append additional data to existing files
      • Compressed print mode saves paper when desired
      • Towable with optional towing package
      • Data Acquisition Unit universally compatible with Lightweight & High Speed Profilers
      • The machine preferred by contractors and DOT’s