• 6300 Lightweight Profiler

    6300 Lightweight Profiler

    The second generation Ames Lightweight Profiler has emerged as the inertial profiler of choice for top paving contractors throughout the U.S. and beyond.  Available with either one or two wheel track sensors, the 6300 has proven to consistently provide accurate and repeatable results that our customers can depend on.

    Documented testing done by independent government agencies have shown that the Ames Profiler provides accurate and repeatable comparisons to true rod and level profile.  Studies have also shown excellent correlations to the “California-style” profilograph.

    We developed this system with paving contractors, testing agencies, and State and Federal highway departments in mind in order to make their jobs more efficient.

    Need more information on Lightweight Profilers in general? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

    Computer hardware:

      • Easily removable Panasonic Toughbook laptop with a 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM
        • Take off the laptop and do analysis in the truck or office!
      • Transmissive daylight readable active matrix LCD color touch screen display
      • Ethernet connection from laptop to data acquisition hub
      • RS-485 serial connection and Ethernet to sensors
      • Optional USB thermal strip printer available for plotting pavement profile at job site
      • All electronic components housed in water resistant and dust tight case
      • Components case mounted with shock absorbers in the rear compartment of vehicle
      • Field replacement of any component does not require re-calibration of the system
      • Capable of connecting a second sensor to profile both wheel tracks simultaneously
      • Second sensor is field installable

    Computer Software:

      • Windows operating system
      • Displays profile and real time IRI while data is being collected
      • Calculates Profile Index (PI), International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Quality Index (RQI), and Ride Number (RN)
      • Plots and displays true profile, California profilograph profile, and rolling straightedge profile
      • Equipped with variable high and low pass filter options
      • Contains automatic bump detection feature
      • Identifies location of “out of specification” bumps
      • Uses system’s odometer mode for bump location
      • Equipped with the following export file options: ERD, html, Texas PRO, CSV and ASCII
      • All fields selectable output to ASCII file and selectable delimiter

    System Information:

      • Available with either Ames 5K Gocator or Ames AccuTexture 100 sensors
      • Capable of collecting measurements at speeds between 8 and 15 mph
      • Laser-type height sensor with a range of five inches and a resolution of .002 inch
      • Pavement elevation sampling: Up to 16,000 samples per second
      • Profile wavelength range: 1.8 to 314 feet
      • Accelerometer resolution: .0001g
      • Data storage: 50,000 miles
      • Data interchange: Secure Digital (SD) PC card

    Transport Trailer:

      • Fully enclosed trailer
      • Overall length: 17’ maximum; Interior length 13’6’’ minimum
      • Overall width: 8’5” maximum; Interior width: 6’6” minimum
      • Overall height: 8’6” maximum; Interior height: 6’6”