Novatel GPS Large


System Overview:

The Pro GPS-DMI uses a GPS receiver and ODB-II CAN bus signals in your vehicle to measure distanceNothing else on the market today combines dual technologies to guarantee accurate distance measurement. Accurate to .05% distance measurement.

  • Connects to OBD-II port on a compatible vehicle that uses a CAN bus diagnostics interface.
  • Uses a 20Hz Novatel GPS receiver as its calibration measurement signal.
  • Locates static GPS reference stations allowing for subsection marking on longer runs to reduce drift and improve accuracy.
  • Enhanced and updated software package supports profiler and DMI integration to improve data management processes and capabilities

Dual technologies account for changes in equipment, tires pressure and environmental factors.

No cone neededNo wheel encoder needed

Operators no longer need to:

  • Conduct routine daily calibrations
  • Use and manage wheel mounted encoder
  • Exit vehicle to set cones and marking tape for starting and ending locations

These features improve operational efficiency and ensure the safety of field professionals.





  • Ames windows-based software applications
  • High accuracy GPS receiver (No subscription requirements)
  • Ames Pro Hub
  • OBD-II Harness

Ames Proprietary GPS Reference Capture Software

Software Capture